Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tigers sign Indy League Pitcher

According to the Associated Press, the Tigers purchased the contract of left-handed pitcher Alex Herrera from the North Shore Spiririt of the Can-Am League on Tuesday. Once a top prospect with the Indians, the 29 year old reliever has a compiled in a 5.11 ERA in only 15 major league games. He is only 5-11 175 but has always been considered somewhat of a power pitcher with a low 90s fastball and slider. He has posted some nice strikeout ratios in the minors but has always had trouble finiding the plate (353 k and 199 walks in 336 innings). Personally, this acquisition is interesting because he last pitched in the low profile Can-Am League which is based in New England and I live close to several of the teams. On a broader scope, the move his significant because he joins the competition for the second lefty reliever job.

Troy Percival

As most of you know by now, Troy Percival has given up his comeback attempt. This decision comes to no surprise to anybody who has followed his recent health history. For more detailed accounts of his decision, I'll send you to Brian at the Tiger Blog and Sam at Roar of the Tigers.

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