Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mantei Hurt, Maroth OK

According to Danny Knobler, Matt Mantei pulled a muscle in his side while pitching in today's game and it doesn't sound too encouraging:
Then Matt Mantei had to walk off the mound in the ninth inning, after pulling a muscle in his side.

Mantei is one of the good guys in the game. We know that already, even though he's only been a Tiger for a few weeks. He's also a guy who has never been able to get a break healthwise. He's already said that if it doesn't work out now, he's going to retire at age 32.

This isn't it, at least not yet. Mantei got some muscle relaxants, and he's going to see how he feels tomorrow. But it was tough to listen as he said: ``Right now it hurts pretty bad. It's not good.''
Mantei was a nice low cost acquisition and would almost surely make the team if healthy but he hasn't been healthy much the last few years. If Mantei is unable to pitch this season, that would be the second reliever erased from my penciled opening day roster, the other being Craig Dingman. Without Dingman and possibly without Mantei, my guess for the 7 relievers would be: Todd Jones, Fernando Rodney, Jamie Walker, Franklyn German, Chris Spurling, Roman Colon and Mark Woodyard.

Knobler's news on Maroth is better:
Just talked to Mike Maroth, who was skipped from his start today because of elbow stiffness. Doesn't believe it's serious, will play catch today, expects to start Sunday.

Colon started in his place today and gave up 2 runs and 5 hits in 3 innings but that shouldn't change his status. Leyland says he is still a candidate to start or relieve.

Tigers Lose to Indians

The Tigers lost to the Indians today 7-4 but Brent Clevlen continued to hit. Clevlen got a homerun and a double today and is now 6 for 10 with two doubles and two homeruns for the spring. Jim Leyland is very impressed (ESPN):

"He's the real deal, there's no question about that," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. "It's spring training, so you've got to be careful. I'm not making my judgments on a home run or two that he hit. But let's face it, over the years every now and then -- but not very often -- you see a player in his uniform and you know that guy's a big league player. It doesn't happen very often, but he certainly looks the part to me."

Brent played center field today but he is generally a corner outfielder. He is also not a candidate to make the 25 man roster as he has not played above A ball as of yet. He is, however, a very interesting prospect to watch at Erie this year.

BB/SO Update

The Tigers did not have a good day at the plate today walking twice and striking out 10 times. Another day like this might make me abandon my update but right now it stands at 27 walks and 36 strikeouts after 6 games.

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