Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Notes

If you haven't been reading Danny Knobler's blog, you should be. He's my favorite Tiger beat writer and he's doing a great job covering the team this spring. A couple things jumped out of today's entry. First Leyland said that there may be some more jobs to be won this spring:
Leyland made a point today of saying that there are more jobs available than he first thought, which is another way of saying that some guys counting on guaranteed spots can't coast through the spring. The answer came after a question about Carlos Pena, and while Leyland said he wasn't referring to Pena, I'd say Pena had better step it up.
Knobler did not give us a quote and it should be noted that he is not a fan of Pena. However, I respect Knoblers impressions more than any writer in Detroit.

Knobler also reported that Granderson is making a good early impression on Leyland:
Curtis Granderson is 1-for-6, but he's making a very good early impression on Leyland. Also making a big effort to walk more, which will help if he ends up leading off.
For those who are worried that Nook Logan might be given the center field job over Granderson, this is a good sign.

Tigers Win

The Tigers beat the Pirates 4-1 today behind some good pitching from Jeremy Bonderman, Jordan Tata and others.


Walk/strikeout ratio for Tigers batters: 26/26 in 4 spring training games so far.


  1. I am curious about what Leyland will have to say about Pena. He has continued his hot hitting from the end of last year. He was 2 for 3 with 1 run and rbi today (3/6). Pena has a very fundamental and sweet swing. Let's cross our fingers that he has finally put all that talent together.

  2. I'm one of Pena's biggest supporters so I'd love to see him break through.
    I'm no longer expecting it though. I think he might be valuable as a platoon guy. They certainly need better hitting from the left side this year.



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