Friday, March 17, 2006

Tigers Cut 13 Players

After cutting 13 players today, the Tigers now have 45 bodies left in camp. The following players were optioned to AA Erie: Eulogio DelaCruz, Preston Larrison, Humberto Sanchez, Jordan Tata, Tony Giarratano, Kody Kirkland and Brent Clevlen. In addition, non-roster invitees Tim Crabtree, Colby Lewis, Mike Rabelo, Danilo Sanchez and Kevin Hooper were sent to minor league camp.

Finally, the biggest cut of the day, might have been the release of injury plagued reliever Matt Mantei. Mantei most likely would have made the team if he had stayed healthy but he pulled a muscle in his side early in spring training and The Tigers apparently decided that he would not be ready in time to start the season.

Other than that, there were no surprises (not that Mantei's release was a big surprise). One good thing is that the options of Tata and Clevlen will end the speculation about them heading north with the team. They've been impressive this spring but they need more time in the minors.

With Troy Percival and Craig Dingman almost surely headed for the 60 day disabled list before the season starts, the Tigers now have 18 more cuts to make before opening day. Many 25 man roster spots are set and a few players (like Brian Peterson and Max St. Pierre) are still around just so they can have a few extra bodies to catch all the pitchers in camp. Some others still on the bubble are Marcus Thames, Alexis Gomez, Ryan Ludwick, Josh Phelps, Reggie Taylor, Ramon Santiago and Donald Kelly. With the fifth starter role still unsettled and the end of the bullpen still pretty wide open, I think any pitcher left in camp at this point has some kind of shot at coming north.


  1. Hi, nice blog. As a Tigers fan from the west coast of Canada, I don't hear much about what's happening -- even the internet papers leave some holes to fill. What's the starting rotation looking like -- that 5th guy, who is it going to be?
    ... could Colon make that step -- he's always seemed to be better aligned for a starter than reliever.
    Also, how happy is the team with Inge? I've always liked him (and went out of my way to get him in my roto pool -- he sure was a big boon when he qualified at catcher!) but he isn't the typical 3rd baseman. he has Randa-ish potential, for sure. But Kansas City may be happy with Teahen but shouldn't the Tigers be looking at upgrading and challenging for the wildcard?
    I've been a fan of Phelps since his Blue jays days, and really like his stick. Can he steal the job away from Pena, or is there someway else to get him in the lineup? Hopefully, he's being given a fair shot.
    Also, be interested in your take on how you think Leyland's first AL training camp is going and if you think he's up to the task... I thought he was settled in retirment mode and wasn't too happy when I first heard he got the job. I almost thought, if you're going back that long, why not dust off Whitey and put him in?

  2. Dan,

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    I think Verlander is the front runner for the 5th spot. Zumaya, Colon and Grilli are also in the running. Ledezma was in the running but hasn't pitched well.

    I think the team is fairly happy with Inge but would like to see him hit for a full season. He's got great range defensively.

    Leyland seems to have a lot of enthusiasm this spring. I think he'll help although I'm not expecting him to miraculously turn the team around.

    I think Phelps will play for the Tigers at some point this year but he'll probably start the season in Toledo. I like him too but he's right-handed and they have a shortage of left-handed bats.

  3. whats your overall opinion of don kelly



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