Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And One More Cut

In addition to the six cuts announced this morning, the Tigers also optioned Roman Colon to Toledo. This likely leaves Jason Grilli, Bobby Seay and Franklin German as three candidates for two spots. There has been some talk that Chris Spurling might not be a lock yet but I think he's pretty safe.

In another move, the Tigers claimed catcher Rob Bowen off waivers from the Minnesota Twins. The 25 year old Bowen is a marginal prospect but has a reputation as a good defender with a little power. He batted .267/.366/.401 in 262 at bats for AAA Rochester last year. If the Tigers can get him through waivers, he will likely start the season in Toledo. He might be a candidate to replace Vance Wilson if Wilson struggles again offensively this year. Bowen is a switch hitter.


  1. I agree about Colon. I'd rather see him start regularly in Toledo.

  2. If it is good for Colon to start in Toledo, why is it better for Zumaya to be on the bench?

  3. Whether Zumuya is in the Bullpen the Bench, the Clubhouse or the Outhouse, he will be pitching in innings other than the first. Many think, myself included, that if a pitcher's stuff is well above average he may be more beneficial to the club as a starter. I would love to see a rotation of Bonderman, Verlander, Zumaya, with a healthy dose of crafty lefty Maroth throwing somewhere between them. I understand a closer can help everyday to a team, but a closer is only as effective as the players in front of him. Isn't Rodney supposed to be the closer of the future? Is it easier to develop a stud Starter or a stud Reliever? Lee do you have any win shares that may shed more light on this subject?

  4. Since so many closers are failed starters, I would say it's easier to develop a stud reliever than a stud starter. I'd like to see them try to make a starter out of Zumaya before they decide he's going to be a reliever.

    It's not clear what they plan to do with Zumaya. Are they easing him in as a starter by having him start in the bullpen? Or are they grooming him to close? Hopefully, it's the former. If he relieves for the first part of the year and starts later, it might limit his innings which would be a good thing for someone his age. I hope they don't have him pigeonholed as a closer just yet.

  5. Two words on the Zumaya situation:

    Ryan Madson

  6. Jeff, I hope you are right. I don't mind Zumaya being used a long reliever this year as long as they still have plans for him to start in the future.



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