Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Six More Cuts by Tigers

The Tigers cut six more players this morning which means they now have 29 players left in camp.
The latest round of cuts includes: Nook Logan, Alexis Gomez, Mike Hessman, Donald Kelly, Mark Woodyard and Hector Mercado. With Craig Dingman and Troy Percival headed for the 6o day disabled list shortly, this leaves two more cuts to be made by opening day and both will be pitchers.

The bench is now set: Vance Wilson, Omar Infante, Ramon Santiago and Marcus Thames. The bullpen is still unsettled. If we assume that Todd Jones, Fernando Rodney, Jamie Walker, Chris Spurling and Joel Zumaya are locks, that leaves Roman Colon, Jason Grilli, Bobby Seay and Franklin German to fight for the last two slots. There has also been some talk that Franklin may be traded before the season starts.


  1. I don't think they can get anything useful for German either. I believe he'll be waived and somebody will claim him.

    I think Thames deserves a better opportunity than he has gotten so far.
    I think injuries will allow him to get about 300 AB this year. They really need some offense off the bench. Hopefully, he can provide some power.

  2. They could definitely use a left-handed hitter off the bench but Gomez isn't the answer. He's a good defender but not really much of an offensive weapon. He's more of a Nook Logan type - with less speed and a little more power.



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