Friday, March 31, 2006

Tiger Surprises

OK, now it's your turn. Every year, there is a player or two who exceeds the expectations of most fans. Two years ago, it was Guillen. Last year it was Polanco and Shelton. Who will it be this year? Will Verlander or Granderson have a big break out season? Will Rodriguez make a big comeback? Maybe you think an obscure player like Grilli will shock us. Tell use your biggest Tiger surprise of 2006. Post your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Position Player-- B. INGE

    Pitcher-- B. Seay

    It takes little thought to pick Grandy or Verlander we all know they're going to shine--

    Inge is going to have a great season at the corner and Seay is going to do better then the likes of Creek and Colyer and other situational leftys of the past--

    I picked these two because most fans I believe are expecting very little from these two players. It really surprises me how many people are down on Inge- This guy leaves his heart out on the field every game--

  2. Curtis Granderson
    20 HR 30 SB

    Mike Maroth 15 wins

  3. Colon and Ludwick... Colon is called up early may and ends up winning 10 games as a starter.
    Ludwick steps into a steady streak of playing time (injuries and some good numbers) to post .275, 16hr 64rbi...

  4. I think Rodney is going to have a very solid year. He showed flashes last year, and should have a breaking ball to go with his other pitches.

  5. I think Granderson or Zoolander could have decent seasons but I wouldn't count that as a surprise. I'm going to go with Seay for the criteria here.

  6. I think the big surprise nationally will be Curtis Granderson. Nothing he does is really going to surprise avid Tiger fans though so I'll pick Josh Phelps. He will be forced into the line-up by injuries and have a strong second half.

  7. I hope I'm right about Rodney

  8. Inge leads the league in range factor at the hot corner (again), but this time only makes about 9 errors or so... And this time, he keeps up the hitting, sporting somewhere around a 365 OBP on the year.

    Curtis Granderson doesn't go 30/30... But he comes awfully close. I'll say 28 bombs, 35 SBs.



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