Thursday, March 02, 2006

Baseball is Back

The Tigers had their first real spring training game against a real major league team today and they beat the Reds 8-5. That means we get the pleasure of the first box score of the season and that's a beautiful thing. I can see that

  • Curtis Granderson got an RBI double
  • Nate Robertson pitched two strong innings
  • Omar Infante and Dmitri Young got two hits apiece
  • Catcher Fernando Rodney collected 3 hits and had 4 RBI. What? It was actually Ivan Rodriguez but the box scores are in spring training mode as well.
  • Reggie Taylor put the team out in front to stay with a homerun in the 7th....which reminds us that none of this means very much.

What does matter is that we are one step closer to opening day; one step closer to travelling to ballparks all over New England and perhaps beyond; one step closer to warm summer days, MLB Extra Innings in the evening, games on the radio as I fall asleep at night; one step closer to box scores and stats that count, fantasy baseball and everything else that comes with the greatest game in the world.

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