Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another loss for Tigers

At least the bullpen did well. The supposed achilles heel of the 2008 Tigers pitched 2 1/3 scoreless innings on Friday, 3 yesterday and 3 today (Zach Miner and Bobby Seay). Yet, the Tigers only won one of those games (Friday). Today, the biggest culprit was starting pitcher Nate Robertson who gave up a four runs in the fourth inning of today's 5-3 loss. The big blow was a three home run by light hitting David Eckstein.

The offense, which seemed to be waking up earlier in the week, went back to sleep the last two days. Once again, they wasted a lot of opportunities against a pitcher, AJ Burnett, who couldn't get the ball over the plate. He walked six and allowed four hits in five innings but the Tigers managed only three runs. The only hitting hero for the Tigers today was Clete Thomas who got three hits and two RBI.


Placido Polanco returned to Detroit to have his back examined. He has had stiffness and pain in his lower back all season and the cold weather made it worse. Gary Sheffield continues to have problems with his surgically repaired shoulder and will have it examined by doctors after the current series versus the Blue Jays.

Neither Polanco nor Sheffield was in the starting line-up to day. Ryan Raburn played second, Carlos Guillen was the designated hitter, Miguel Cabrera was at first base and Brandon Inge at third. With Sheffield not getting better and Curtis Granderson almost ready to return, I think Sheffield going to the DL, Inge going to third and Cabrera to first and Guillen to DH would help the team. Raburn playing second base on a regular basis would not be a good thing (although I like his bat).

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  1. Hopefully Armando Galarraga can work his magic again today and get us a win. We need a win.



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