Monday, January 12, 2009

Non-Roster Invitees

Cale Iorg getting ready down in Lakeland (photo credit: Roger Dewitt)

The Tigers announced this morning that they will be inviting 13 minor league players to spring training in addition to those already on the 40 man roster:

Pitchers - Ryan Perry, Casey Fien, Rudy Darrow, Jon Kibler

Catchers - Dane Sardinha, Jeff Kunkel, Alex Avila and Max St.Pierre

Infielders - Cale Iorg, Don Kelly, Wil Rhymes and Scott Sizemore

Outfielders - Alexis Gomez

Most of these players have little chance of coming north with the Tigers in April. In some cases, the Tigers just want to monitor the progress of their young players and give them a chance to play in games with experienced major leaguers. In the case of the catchers, some of them are invited because they need them to work with the multitude of pitchers in camp.

Due to the Tigers need for relievers, the ones with the best chance of making the opening day roster are the pitchers. Fien, who had success in Erie and Toledo as well as the Arizona Fall League in 2008 is probably the most likely candidate. Darrow also has a reasonable chance based on his performance in both Erie and the AFL. First round draft pick Perry has pitched only 13 2/3 innings professionally and none above single-A but he can't be ruled out given as the Tigers are never afraid to throw young inexperienced pitchers into the fire.

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