Saturday, January 31, 2009

Granderson's art contest and other links

Curtis Granderson is holding an art contest for fourth graders in Michigan. The winning drawings will be included in his new book: All You Can Be. This is a great opportunity for youngsters all over Michigan so if you are a parent or teacher of fourth graders, make sure that your school gets involved.

Samara has her entry ready for the contest but bemoans the fact that she does not qualify as a fourth grader.

Bill Ferris talks about the high number of intentional bases on balls issued by Tigers pitchers last year.

Matt talks about Tigers outfield prospects and how they might impact the opening day roster.

Blake continues his series on the top 100 Tigers of all time. Pudge Rodriguez comes in at #45.

David Bloom of Baseball Happenings looks at an alternative to the Triple Crown stats that falls somewhere between the traditional and the hardcore sabermetric. He calls them Quad stats. This includes both counting stats (Times on Base, Total Bases) and rate stats (OBP and slugging). I think these stats summarize a player's quantity and quality more effectively than either BA/HR/RBI

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