Thursday, March 13, 2008

Most of bullpen locked up

Jim Leyland said today that all but one or two bullpen spots are set. He indicated that Todd Jones, Tim Byrdak, Bobby Seay, Jason Grilli and Zach Miner are all locks to make the opening day bullpen. Fernando Rodney would also head north if healthy but it is likely that he will begin the season on the disabled list with shoulder tendinitis. There are no big surprises here. There was some speculation (including by me) that Miner might start the season in Toledo because he had remaining options but it's not surprising that he is now considered a definite.

Jason Beck believes that the leading candiadtes for the final spot(s) are Denny Bautista, Yorman Bazardo, Francisco Cruceta (all of whom are out of options), Preston Larrison, Aquillino Lopez, and Freddy Dolsi. Cruceta doesn't seem so likely since he is still having VISA problems. The possible good news is that his late entry (if he ever gets here) might allow the Tigers to get him through waivers and to option him to Toledo.


Billfer discusses the possibility of Pudge Rodriguez becoming a more disciplined hitter this season.

Eric talks about Denny Bautista.

Patrick Dicaprio of Fantasy Baseball Generals discusses the fantasy value of five Tigers. Like most analysts outside of Detroit, he is not too optimistic about Curtis Granderson's 2008 season but I think Grandy will surprise his critics. Patrick has positive things to say about some other other Tigers though.


  1. Not to be Debbie Downer, but that doesn't sound like much of a bullpen for the ages. The Tigers really need to score some runs this year and the starters have to go deep.

  2. I agree Bert. I'm confident that they will score a lot of runs. I think their starting pitching will be OK but there are some question marks there. I hope they get enough from their starting pitching to overcome what could be a pretty bad bullpen. I'm picking them to win the central but it won't be easy.




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