Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MLB awards poll and other links

David Bloom at Baseball Happenings (an excellent general baseball site) will be conducting a blog poll throughout the season. I have been invited to participate along with 27 other bloggers. Each week, we will cast votes for the MVP, CY Young and Rookie of the Year as if the season ended that week. We will start with the American League after week one, do the National league after week two and continue to alternate as the season goes along.

I'm looking forward to this because it should be a good way for me to keep up with what's going on in baseball beyond the Tigers (although I hope Tigers make the lists frequently!). The list of participating bloggers can be found at the above link. If you like to read non-Tiger baseball blogs, you will probably be familiar with many of the blogs on the list.

In other news, Brian Borawski of Tiger Blog answers five questions about the Tigers at The Hardball Times.

Greg Eno talks about Jason Grilli's problems at Comerica Park last year.

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