Sunday, March 23, 2008

Granderson goes on disabled list

I was driving around listening to the Tigers/Indians game on XM radio today when Dan Dickerson and Jim Price casually mentioned that Curtis Granderson has fractured his right middle finger and has been placed on the disabled list. Damn! He injured it when he was hit by a pitch in yesterday's game which later was rained out. His finger will be in a splinter for two weeks and he'll likely end up missing the first couple weeks of the season.

It's not a serious injury but we've been waiting all winter to see this great line-up in action and now the online community's favorite Tiger won't be around for the beginning of the season. There is no word on his replacement, although Brandon Inge is plaing center field today. My guess is that it will be some combination of Inge and Freddy Guzman. Ryan Raburn may also be in the mix. If nothing else, this pretty much guarantees that Raburn will be on the opening day roster.


  1. that stinks, hopefully he is back and only misses 6 days. and btw its Raburn not, Rayburn. dont want to be picky, but just thought id let you know

    great work on the blog

  2. i meant 6 games not 6 days

  3. Yup, I know it's Raburn. Thanks for pointing out my typo. You aren't being picky. I hate spelling player's names wrong. I fixed it.



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