Friday, May 18, 2007

Tigers Get Swept in Fenway DH

It wasn't a good day for the Tigers or their fans. I heard the first game on the radio at work. They lost 2-1. I saw the second game in person and I just got back a while ago. They lost 4-2. They got swept by the Red Sox despite solid starts from Zach Miner and Chad Durbin.

Miner was called up for today's game because Mike Maroth was ill. He took Bonderman's spot on the roster but he'll go right back down to Toledo tomorrow when Andrew Miller joins the team. He pitched 5 1/3 innings allowing just one earned run but an error by Carlos Guillen led to an unearned run. Also, the Tigers were held to 1 run on 4 hits by Julian Tavarez, Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon.

I was a little late arriving at game 2. I got there just in time to see Sean Casey narrowly miss a grand slam on a ball held up by the wind. It was cold and damp and uncomfortable but I did enjoy seeing the Tigers get a home run by Brandon Inge and 7 doubles in the first 6 innings. I also saw an incredible diving catch by Curtis Granderson. I didn't enjoy seeing them leave 11 men on base nor Wil Ledezma blowing the lead in the 6th and 7th. Durbin had left with a 2-1 lead with 1 out in the 6th.

Tomorrow, they will start a three game series with the struggling St. Louis Cardinals. Andrew Miller will open up against Braden Looper who has been very strong so far this year (2.29 ERA in 8 starts)

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  1. Game one was anybodies game but we lost it on an error.

    Game two was bordering on silly. 7 doubles, many with less than 2 outs resulting in a total of ONE run. Ouch. Multiple at bats with a runner at 3rd with less than two outs with NO run scored from 3rd over the game.

    There were 3 bases loaded situations over the two games with no hit or sac hits and Zero runs scored.

    Personally, I think these rumors of picking up a new 1st baseman should come to fruition. Casey isn't even servicable at 1st and Thames doesn't look to be the answer. Are there any decent answers? Honestly, I think that the Tigers are that one piece away from making the playoffs again. Unless they starting getting some production at 1st, it looks like Clevland is a logical choice to win the division. And personally, I wouldn't bet on the Yankees to lose the wild card even given their current struggles.

    On the bright side, backup pitching has been better than could possibly be hoped for. Hopefully we can continue that trend tonight with Miller. Ordonez is looking like the All-star we have been paying for for the last few years. Guillen and Polonco haven't missed a beat from last year. And Inge is starting to look like a batter you can count on for a run here-and-there.



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