Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Andrew Miller promoted to Erie

Andrew Miller is being promted to Erie and his first start will be this Sunday. A promotion was expected as soon as the warm weather arrived so I don't know if this move signifies anything other than that. It should be a good move for him though as he induces a lot of ground balls (a very high 4.5 ground out to air out ratio) and the Lakeland infield defense has not been very good this year. He had a 3.48 ERA and a 28/15 K/BB ratio in 41 1/3 innings for Lakeland. The k rate is not very impressive but he has reportedly been working on developing pitches rather than throwing his hardest.


  1. That's a great point about Miller. No matter what his numbers are, if he is working on some of his weaker pitches, and developing at a level the Tigers are comfortable with, he will be better off in the long run. Better he make it to the big leagues with a full complement of pitches rather then focus on putting up blowout numbers in the minors but only throwing his two best pitches.

    That's one of the things Jeremy Bonderman was robbed of, the ability to work on his weaker pitches in the minor leagues. Now that the Tigers have some time, and depth, they can allow Miller to work and improve his secondary pitches.


  2. I think we all know this is just to make room for Chris Cody coming up to Lakeland from West Michigan. :)

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  4. Scott, I agree the success at the major league level should allow them to move pitchers through the system at a more appropriate pace. I believe that's a good thing. I also often wonder if Bonderman might have developed a change-up if he were not forced to try to learn it in the majors.

    Matt, what are the feeding Chris Cody in West Michigan? Those are impressive numbers especially for someone who is more of a finesse pitcher.



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