Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox are champs

Congratulations to the Red Sox on their second world championship in four years. It's sometimes difficult being a Tiger fan surrounded by Red Sox fans in Massachusetts but the Red Sox deserved it this year. They had a strong well balanced team in all phases of the game and they showed it in the playoffs. The best team won this year. With a strong core of young players including Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Jon Lester, Clay Bucholz, Jon Pabelbon, Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury, they have a great future ahead of them as well. They also have an excellent front office led by Theo Epstein as well as plenty of money to spend. Like it or not, they are going to be a tough tough team in the American League for a long time.

Congratulations also to the Rockies. They were no match for the Red Sox in the World Series but they had an amazing run just to get there. They are not a fluke team and with a core of Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki, Jeff Francis, Ubaldo Jimenez, Jeff Francis and others, we should expect to see them in contention again in the future.

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