Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fan Fielding Survey Results - 2007

Tom Tango, who has one of the more interesting and informative sabermetric sites on the net, annually conducts a survey on defensive skills. The results of the 2007 survey are now ready. Many of you completed the survey this year and he very much appreciates your participation. For those of you who are not familiar with the survey, he asked fans to rate the fielding skills of players on their favorite teams just based on observation. He instructed them not to use any stats at all. He also urged them not to vote based on what somebody else told them. He wanted them to just use their own eyes. They were the scouts. As you can see on the ballot, fans were asked to scout players on reaction/instincts, acceleration/first few steps, speed, hands, release/footwork, throwing accuracy and throwing strength.

He then tabulated the results which can be seen in detail on his site. I’ll summarize the results for the Tigers below. Note that the sample size for the Tigers was about 53 which is a pretty good size. Not every fan rated every player so some player's ratings are based on fewer than 53 ballots. However, most of the regulars were rated by at least 50 fans and every player was rated by enough fans so that all the results should be relevant. Tango explains that the league average rating for each of the 7 categories is 50 and that a player with a rating of 70 or better is in top 16% in the league.

Best Overall defense
1. Brandon Inge 77
2. Placido Polanco 74
3. Curtis Granderson 73
4. Ivan Rodriguez 69

1. Brandon Inge 83
2. Curtis Granderson 82
3. Placido Polanco 81

Acceleration/first few steps
1. Curtis Granderson 84
2. Brandon Inge 83
3. Ivan Rodriguez 68

1. Curtis Granderson 81
2. Brandon Inge 68
3. Omar Infante 60

1. Placido Polanco 89
2. Curtis Granderson 81
3. Brandon Inge 73

1. Placodo Polanco 86
2. Ivan Rodriguez 83
3. Brandon Inge 75

Throwing Strength
1. Brandon Inge 91
2. Ivan Rodriguez 79
3. Craig Monroe 58

Throwing Accuracy
1. Placido Polanco 89
2. Ivan Rodriguez 73
3. Brandon Inge 62

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