Saturday, December 03, 2005

Winter Meetings Update

Since we have now moved into the heart of the hot stove season, I'll get away from sabermetrics for a bit and try to provide regular updates on the winter meetings over the next several days. In today's news, John Lowe of The Free Press reports on the Tiger's search for a closer and says that there is mutual interest in Todd Jones returning to the Tigers next year. Here are the highlights:

The Tigers remain interested in some of the remaining free-agent closers, president Dave Dombrowski said Friday without identifying any.

The remaining group includes a trio of right-handers who had at least 40 saves each last season: San Diego's Trevor Hoffman, Cleveland's Bob Wickman and Florida's Todd Jones, the former Tiger.

There are indications that Jones is interested in signing with the Tigers and that the Tigers are interested in him.

"We might get somebody who can pitch at the back end of the bullpen with Fernando -- somebody who can perhaps save some games and set up," Dombrowski said.

"A lot of clubs need them," Dombrowski said. "Clubs apparently have dollars to spend. The relievers are some of the better free agents available. The strongest area in free agency this year is probably the bullpen."

Looking at Jones's career statistics makes you question whether he can repeat last year's brilliant performace but it's probably worth a shot if the contract is not too absurd. I certainly hope they would not go beyond two years for Jones.

Nomar Garciaparra

Josh Suchon, who writes for Inside Bay Area, reports that the Tigers and a few other teams have inquired about Nomar Garciaparra:

Beane has talked to Arn Tellem, the agent for Frank Thomas and Nomar Garciaparra (who is willing to play the outfield). But again, whether there's mutual interest — especially for Garciaparra being mostly a DH — or the cost remains a question for a couple of players who are injury risks.

The Twins and Angels are among those interested in Thomas. The Indians, Pirates, Tigers and Orioles have inquired about Garciaparra.

If the Tigers really do have serious interest in Garciaparra, I would guess it would be to play third base so that Inge could be freed up to play the supersub role.


  1. Lee, I suspect the Tigers interest in Nomar amounted to a call from Dombrowski to Tellem asking what they were looking for in terms of annual salary.

    Tellem told him a number and DD said "Thanks. We'll get back to you." I'll believe it elevates to serious interest if a second call emerges.

  2. Lee, I suspect the Tigers current interest is more curiousity. It probably amounted to little more than a phone call asking his agent for an idea as to what they are looking for.

    If a second call emerges, I'll consider the Tigers interested. Anything more than that, color them serious.



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