Thursday, December 08, 2005

Winter Meetings Update - Thursday

Today's notes:

CBS Sportsline reports that the Tigers are close to finalizing a deal with Kenny Rogers. It's reportedly 2 years 16 million. I consider this to be an ok stopgap deal. He's a little bit of an upgrade over Jason Johnson but he's also 41 years old and might not have a lot left. Moving from Arlington Stadium to Comerica Park should help him. Rogers was not offered arbitration by the Rangers so the Tigers will not lose a draft pick. Also, I learned this morning that the Marlins did not offer arbitration to Jones so they don't lose anything there either.

Baseball America reports that the Tigers drafted Chris Booker in today's Rule 5 draft. Booker must stay on the Tigers 25 man roster all year or they will have to return him to the Nationals. Booker is a hard throwing right-handed 29 year old reliever who has spent 11 years in the minors. Unlike some past Rule 5 signings, at 29 years old, he won't make the team unless he can contribute immediately. There is no word yet on which players were removed from the 40 man roster to make room for Rogers and Booker.

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  1. Sickells' website says Booker was sold to the Phillies.



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