Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tigers Tender Contracts to Pena and Others

According to the Detroit News wire services, the Detroit Tigers have tendered contracts to all arbitration eligible players including Jeremy Bonderman, Mike Maroth, Craig Monroe, Brandon Inge and Carlos Pena. Yesterday was the deadline for tendering contracts to those players. There was some question as to whether they would retain Pena since they also have Chris Shelton and Dmitri Young as first basemen. Shelton is a lock for a starting job at this point and they might try to trade one of the other two before the season starts.

I suspect they will wait to see whether Young is healthy and fit in Spring training before they make a move. It would be great if they could keep all three because, with their fragile team, they could use a power hitter off the bench. Ideally, Young goes into the season in such good shape that he is able to play some outfield but that's very questionable at this point. With their lack of depth, I'd hate to see them just drop an .800 OPS player without getting anything in return.


  1. Nice blog Lee! I don't understand a word of it. Glad to see you hopped on the "Dumbrowski Sux" wagon. Happy Holidays!

    The Ronz (Motownsports)

  2. Hey Ronz, if you can't understand my blog, then my mission is accomplished!

    I don't think Dombroski "sux". I'm just starting to question him a little more. He started out with nothing so he needed a lot of time to get things going. It has now gotten to the point where we need to see the system start producing some results over the next couple of years.

  3. "Next couple of years?!" I think Dumbrowski signed a 1 year extension which would take him through the 2007 season. What would you need to see to give him an additional extension? Of course, I would fire him right now. :)

  4. I think I need to see some of his draft picks start producing in the majors and some of his newer draft picks doing well in AA or above.

    His first draft was in 2002 so there hasn't been enough time to benfit from the draft which I think is their main way back to being a winning team. I think it's time for things to START happening though.

  5. I think there has been more than enough time for Dumbrowski's draft picks to not only make the majors - but excel. Unless, of course, he has drafted all duds/busts. I'm not going to do the research but I bet Dumbrowski is the only GM to be in the position for 4 years and have only 1 of his draft picks (2 if you count Verlander)make the majors. While you can look at the high end of the spectrum and see Albert Pujols hittings 37 HR's at the major league level only 2 years after he was drafted - you can also look at the grossly incompetent Randy Smith who drafted Jeff Weaver in 1998. While you state that Weaver is an "average" pitcher - he made the majors in 1999 and averaged 10 wins over his first 3 years. Dumbrowski, as the Tiger's GM, has yet to draft a pitcher who has won a single game for the Tigers.



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