Monday, December 12, 2011

Will Rhymes Non-tendered

The Tigers will not be offering a contract to second baseman Will Rhymes before tonight's deadline and will instead allow him to become a free agent.  Rhymes surprised many with his solid play late in 2010 and won the starting second base job coming out of spring training this year.  Unfortunately, he batted .235/.323/.271 and was sent to Toledo after just 85 at bats.    

The 28-year-old Rhymes was probably more controversial than he should have been as a Tiger.  His scrappy play and social-media friendly ways made him popular with some, but turned off others who felt he was getting in the way of Scott Sizemore.  In reality, Rhymes worked hard to get to the majors and captured lightning in a bottle late last year, but was never a top prospect.  He probably continued to play as long as he did because they were disappointed with Sizemore's development than anything else.

The move leaves the Tigers with 39 players on their 40-man roster.  Delmon Young will almost surely be tendered a contract today, although they are still looking for a more defensive-oriented left fielder for Comerica Park.

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