Friday, March 30, 2007

Rogers Out for Three Months

Kenny Rogers had surgery on his pitching shoulder today to remove a blood clot and to repair arteries and will be out at least three months. According to John Lowe of the Free Press, Rogers actually had a similar surgery with the same doctor in 2001 so at least he has a history of recovery. He won't be pitching until at least July and there is no telling how effective he will be once he does return. Chad Durbin will take Kenny Rogers' spot in the rotation and will pitch on Saturday versus the Royals. If Durbin does not work out, Andrew Miller will probably be next in line:
"We really only talked about two options, basically," Leyland said. "Those were [Andrew] Miller or Durbin. We decided to stay on our course with that. We checked with the Minor League people. Miller's throwing good. He's also working on some things, so we think that we want him to get some starts there under his belt.


  1. I don't see Miller being next in line. I think they'll keep him in the minors for at least 10 starts. Why rush him, when you could just switch between Durbin, Miner, Tata, even De la Cruz, or Virgil Vasquez, and Jurrjens. I don't see why they'd rush Miller - when he clearly could use some innings as a starter. He needs to prove that he can have control - because he cannot walk a man per inning as a starter.

  2. I didn't see him being next in line either but Leyland indicated that he might be. Leyland said that they only two pitchers they considered in replacing Rogers were Durbin and Miller. They went with Durbin because they decided Miller needed a some more starts. Maybe they'll decide that Miller needs more than a few starts but Leyland sounded like he wouldn't be afraid to use him soon.

    As for the other guys you mentioned, I'm surprised they didn't go with Miner instead of Durbin. Jurrjens is a good prospect but I don't know if he's ready. Tata, Vazquez and DeLaCruz don't excite as much (at least not as starters) but then again neither does Durbin.

    Here is the article with the quote about Miller:



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