Monday, March 26, 2007

Exposure for Tiger Blogs

According to Mack Avenue Kurt, a few of the Tiger blogs including Tiger Tales were mentioned in the week's print version of Sports Illustrated. I have not seen it yet but I'll be sure to pick up a copy tomorrow. In addition, if you scroll to the bottom of the Tigers page at SI.COM, you'll see a list of several independent Tiger sites such as Detroit Tigers Webog and Motown Sports. You can vote for your favorite Tigers blog in an SI Poll. I believe I have one vote so far and that is probably about as many as I deserve. I voted for myself just so I could get rid of the 0% next to my blog.

I also want to congratulate Bill Ferris, whose Detroit Tigers Weblog received an honrable mention on the Top Ten baseball blogs compiled by Gaslamp Ball. It was a well deserved mention as Bill is The God Father of all Tigers bloggers and DTW is one of the first places I go to get the latest Tigers news each day.


  1. Thanks for the kind words Lee. And you are just as deserving, don't kid yourself.

  2. With opening day coming, I am wondering how important winning your first game of the season can be. What percentage of teams that end up making the playoffs win their first game?

  3. Adam,

    This doesn't totally answer your question but in the last 103 years, 33 teams have lost on opening day and then gone on to win the World Series. I found that piece of info here:

    I think every game is important whether it be opening day or during a September pennant race. Opening day is probably not more important than any other game in making the playoffs.



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