Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tigers Avoid Arbitration with Monroe

According to MLB.COM, the Tigers avoided arbitration with Craig Monroe by signing him to a one year deal today. The Tigers had offered Monroe 2.45 million in arbitration while Craig Monroe had requested 3.05. The MLB.COM article did not report the terms of the deal but ROTOWORLD says it was for 2.8 million. Monroe was the last Tiger arbitration eligible to sign.

Monroe will most likely be the starting left fielder for the Tigers this year. How many starts he gets will probably depend on how many outfield at bats Leyland gives to Nook Logan and Dmitri Young and how well Monroe hits right-handers this year. I'm assuming Granderson will be the starting center fielder most days but rumor has it that that may not be a completely safe assumption as Leyland likes Logan quite a bit. If Logan ends up starting a lot of games in center field, that might mean Granderson could play a good deal of left field.

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