Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tigers Sabermetric Leaders

Here are some Tigers sabermetric leaders from Lee Sinnis' Sabermetric Baseball Encyclopedia:

Runs Created = Projection of runs produced by a player based on singles, doubles, homers, walks, stolen bases and other things that a player does offensively.

Cabrera 60
Guillen 52
Granderson 52
Ordonez 51
Polanco 49

Runs Created Per Game = A projection of how many runs a team would average if every player on the team was cloned to that player (at least 150 plate appearances).

Granderson 6.65
Thames 6.61
Cabrera 5.93
Ordonez 5.81
Guillen 5.66

Offensive Winning Percentage = Projected team winning percentage if each offensive player was cloned to that player and the team had average pitching/defense (at least 150 plate appearances).

Granderson .602
Thames .600
Cabrera .551
Ordonez .542
Guillen .530

Runs Created Above Average = A difference between a player's Runs Created total and a total for the average player who used the same amount of his team's outs (no plate appearance limits).

Granderson 11
Thames 7
Santiago 7
Joyce 7
Cabrera 6

Support Neutral Wins (and Losses) = Projected number of wins (losses) given league average offensive support

Verlander 9-7
Galarraga 7-4
Robertson 6-8
Rogers 6-7
Bonderman 4-3

Runs Saved Above Average = Number of runs saved by a pitcher over an average pitcher's runs allowed.

Galarraga 13
Verlander 6
Bonderman 2
Rogers -1
Robertson -15


  1. So much for Granderson having a down year, huh?

  2. And that doesn't even account for his defense.



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