Monday, July 07, 2008

Around the Minors

Over the past couple of years, coverage of Tigers minor league teams has expanded quite a bit. Today, I'm going to give a brief tour of some of the more informative sites:

I'll start with the excellent minor league forum at One recent example of the kind of detailed information you can find there is Tony's recent look at some of the top prospects in the Tigers system. Tony humbly claims that he is unqualified to rank prospects but it looks like a good list to me and it's a very interesting read.

Matt Wallace at Take 75 North writes something (usually a lot) about the Tigers minor league system daily. This includes detailed recaps of each game, transactions, feature stories on prospects and some other things. Matt is very informative and also a good writer.

Mike Cassidy also does recaps at Tigers Minor League Baseball Blog. One great feature which was added to that blog this year was Andrew Hess's minor league diary. Andrew is a pitcher for the West Michigan White Caps and he frequently blogs about his experiences.

Chuckles and Potthole cover the White Caps in detail at The Surge. They do recaps, write player profiles, conduct player interviews and more.

Deran and Kyle write about the Lakeland Flying Tigers at Lakeland Flying Tigers Blog. Among other things, they provide photos and videos of important prospects and rehabbing Tigers.

Speaking of photos of Tigers prospects, expert photographer Hueytaxi has hundreds of them at his Flickr site.

Eddie's Detroit Tigers Thoughts is not exclusively a Tigers minor league site but some of his best work involve analysis of the the Tigers system. In one recent post, he started to scan the pitchers in the Tigers system. He has made it through Detroit, Toledo and Erie so far.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words, Lee.


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