Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brett Jensen and Other Links

I'm in the process of preparing my base running data set so I won't be writing about a new analysis today. Instead, I'll give you some more links from around the net.

Chuckles, who writes for the Surge (a blog about the West Michigan Whitecaps), interviewed Brett Jensen who pitched for the team in 2007. Jensen is a decent reliever prospect who will pitch at Lakeland or Erie in 2008.

Eddie B. is doing a series of posts which explain options and waivers and how they could effect the 2008 Tigers.

Samara and Ian write about the Jose Canseco/Magglio Ordonez situation.

Geoff Young (Duck Snorts) is asking readers to submit their projections for the San Diego Padres players. He starts off with the catchers today. LBoros (Viva El Birdos) already did the same for the Cardinals Yadier Molina and presents the results today.

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  1. Thanks alot for the link Lee. We appreciate it!



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