Friday, June 22, 2007

Pitching Rotation is Set

With the trade of Mike Maroth, the return of Kenny Rogers tonight, and the return of Nate Robertson next Tuesday, the starting rotation is now set for the near future. In an interview on WXYT in Detroit today, Dave Dombrowski announced that Andrew Miller is staying and that Chad Durbin is heading to the bullpen. So, here is the rotation for the next 5 days:

Sat - Justin Verlander
Sun - Andrew Miller
Mon - Jeremy Bonderman
Tue - Nate Robertson
Wed - Kenny Rogers

As long as Rogers and Robertson prove to be fully healthy and Miller continues to pitch well, those 5 will remain in the starting rotation. The remaining issue now is who gets sent down after Robertson is added to the roster. Todd Jones, Chad Durbin, Tim Byrdak and Fernando Rodney would seem to be locks. So, one of Jason Grilli, Bobby Seay, Eulogio DeLaCruz or Macay McBride would go. My guess right now is that McBride would be sent to Toledo for more seasoning.


  1. Then the next question is what do they do when Miner is ready to come back? If they want him in Detroit, I assume that means de la Cruz comes back down since they could do that without losing him, but the resulting bullpen sure wouldn't have a lot of fire in it.

    You need some scary guys in the pen and Grilli, Durbin and Miner just aren't that. It'll be interesting, but I'm starting to wonder if Miner will just stay in Toledo.

  2. Matt, A couple of the beat writers have mentioned that they are trying to deal Grilli. I think De La Cruz will stay as long as he keeps pitching well. I think Miner will probably rejoin the team too - just a guess.



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