Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pitching Changes on the Horizon

The Tigers figure to be shuffling their pitching staff quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. The changes begin on Friday when Kenny Rogers makes his first start of the season. It is not known who will be removed from the rotation to make room for Rogers. It won't be Andrew Miller who is scheduled to face the Braves on Sunday night. It could be Chad Durbin or Mike Maroth. My guess would be Durbin going to the bullpen and Maroth staying. That is, unless Maroth is traded as has been rumored most recently in Danny Knobler's column.

There is more to the decision though. Nate Robertson is making a rehab start for the Erie SeaWolves on Thursday and could be ready to pitch for the Tigers next week. In that case, both Maroth and Durbin could be removed from the rotation. My prediction is that, by the end of next week, the rotation will consist of

Justin Verlander
Jeremy Bonderman
Kenny Rogers
Nate Robertson
Andrew Miller

I also think that Durbin will be in the bullpen playing a prominent role and that Maroth will be pitching for another organization. That all assumes that Rogers and Robertson are completely healthy, that they decide to keep Miller beyond Sunday, and that they can find a suitable trade of Maroth. Stay tuned.

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