Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WS Game 3: Cardinals 5 Tigers 0

It's late and I'm tired and disgusted so I'll keep this short. Tonight, the Tigers played their worst game of the post-season so far. Here are the lowlights:

Nate Robertson did not have great control after a 13 day layoff. He walked 3 and fell behind a lot of batters. As usual, he made big pitches with runners on base and held them to 2 runs in 5 innings.

Joel Zumaya had control problems and made the bonehead play of the series in the 7th. With 2 on and nobody out, the much awaited confrontation between Pujols and Zumaya was won by Zumaya....and then lost. Pujols hit a 2-0 pitch back to Zumaya for what probably would have been an easy double play if he had thrown to second. Instead, Zumaya threw to third before Brandon Inge was ready and the ball got by the third baseman for two runs. This made it 4-0 Cardinals and put the game pretty much out of reach.

Chris Carpenter was as brilliant tonight as Rogers was Monday night allowing just 3 singles and no walks in 8 innings. Of course, the Tigers helped him out by displaying very little patience at all. Carpenter threw just 82 pitches.

Curtis Granderson (0-13) , Placido Polanco (0-10) and Ivan Rodriguez (0-11) went hitless again and are now 0 for 34 for the series. Rodriguez has not had a hit in his last 6 games.

The Tigers are up against another hot pitcher tomorrow night as they face Jeff Suppan. They'll need a really good game from Jeremy Bonderman.


  1. It don't think the throw to third was a problem and it looked like Inge was ready for it. The throw was just nowhere near the bad. A good throw and we have a shot at a triple play (or at least a 1-5-3 double play) with Pujols running.

  2. That should be "nowhere near the bag

  3. It thought it was a bad decision too but you are right that it was a very poor throw. He threw it to where Inge was at the time of throw rather than to the bag.



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