Monday, October 09, 2006

More Previews

Here are some more previews of the AL Championship:

Blez over at Athletics Nation understandably favors the Athletics slightly and his reasoning is sound. The one thing that he thinks might benefit the Athletics quite a bit is superior plate discipline and I can't disagree with him on that point:
To many, there be no question which team has the better offense. I would argue that it's closer than people think. Yes, the Tigers scored 51 more runs than the A's in the regular season. The A's hold a slight edge in OBP at .340 vs. .329 even though the Tigers had the better batting average.

Kurt over at Mack Avenue Tigers is rooting for the Tigers but he also likes the Athletics and is working on a 3 part preview. In part 2, he says it will be a close series but thinks the Tigers have the edge:
I see Detroit as having a slightly better defense, a better lineup, and about equal pitching. This truly is a close series.

Brian at TigerBlog discusses the Athletics and expects a close series:
So, you should some great pitching in this series. This should equate to some low scoring games and a lot of excitement, but these things never seem to work out exactly as planned, so we’ll see. I’ll stand by my earlier prediction and say Tigers in seven...
I'll add more as I find them.

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