Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's Going on with Joel Zumaya?

(Updated:October 12 at 10:30 PM)

Since everyone is googling Joel Zumaya's injury today, I've put together a collection of stories commenting on his condition:

Jim Leyland did not sound overly concerned last night:
"Joel Zumaya's forearm was a little tight and I chose not to use him tonight, and that's why you didn't see him," Leyland said.
However, Zumaya says that he is worried:

"I'm just taking it day-to-day, but it's sore," Zumaya said. "It's the second time I've had this. It's a little worrisome.

"I'm a big factor on this team, but I couldn't pitch with it. That's all I have to say."

Pitching coach Chuck Hernandez is not sure of his availability for Fiday:
When asked if he expected Zumaya would be available Friday, Hernandez said, "We'll see. We'll see how things go tomorrow."
Trainer Kevin Rand also does not know when he'll return:
"We'll re-evaluate it (today)," Rand said, "and see if it's improved."
His current problem is probably the same one that caused him to miss time near the end of the regular season. Here is an old link discussing the tendonitis he experienced in September.
Rand believes the problem arose from the repetitive act of pitching. Zumaya, whose fastball travels more than 100 mph, said he thinks it comes from the aggressive way he holds the baseball. He said the pain "comes and goes."
The latest from MLB.COM is fairly good news although it still looks like he'll miss time:
Results of an MRI exam and an ultrasound conducted on Thursday morning confirmed inflammation in his right wrist and forearm, which head athletic trainer Kevin Rand called "very similar" to the injury he suffered in September.

"We're going to treat him with ice and put him on some medication," Rand said. "We're going to work to get the inflammation out and re-evaluate his pitching status daily."

"I'm not sure he'll be ready to pitch [Friday]," Leyland said, "but we got a good report. We got the best news you could get."
Any arm ailment for a pitcher is a potential concern. This one doesn't sound too serious but there is no time table for his return and they really need him for the playoffs. The good news is that they are two games up and can afford to take their time bringing him back. The second bit of good news is that Fernando Rodney is looking very sharp again which makes Zumaya's absence a little more managable. Still, if this soreness lingers on too long, it would obviously be a big loss in their quest for the championship. He would be especially important if they face the powerful offense of the mets in the World Series.

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  1. I think they could manage without him if they get enough good starting pitching. Verlander could have gone another innning or two last night, for example, if they had less flexibility with relievers. But I'd rather have him available!



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