Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pitchers and Catchers Report

Tigers ace Justin Verlander is at the center of attention as pitchers and catchers officially reported for spring training in Lakeland, FL this morning (Photo credit: Roger Dewitt)

The Tigers pitchers and catchers officially reported for spring training in Lakeland, FL this morning  That's really just a formality though as many of them have already been down there for a while.  The full squad officially reports on February 23

 Unless you are down in Lakeland watching the activities at Joker Marchant Stadium, a trip which I highly recommend, this announcement probably doesn't affect you too much.  It is, however, an annual harbinger of Spring telling us that baseball and warm weather are not too far away.  It's been a remarkably mild and snow-less winter here in Massachusetts and many other parts of the northeast and midwest, but that doesn't make us look forward to the season any less.

For the next two weeks, all players will be in the best shapes of their lives, young pitchers will be learning new pitches and Brandon Inge will have a new swing which will turn his career around.  There will be a new attitude this spring, a feeling of confidence that has not been seen in years.  Manager Jim Leyland will tell us that this is the best group of players he's ever been around.

The actual games do not happen until March with the the opener on the second of the month versus Florida Southern College.  The Tigers then face the Braves on March 3.

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