Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cabrera and Fielder: Love at First Sight

I couldn't help but notice the humorous string of internet events surrounding the first meeting as teammates between Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.  First there was the Free Press article by Jeff Seidel talking of the chemistry between the two sluggers:
Or maybe it was the way Fielder and Cabrera seemed to build an instant connection. They were inseparable on their first day together. They played catch together and batted together and stretched together and did sprints together and at one point, after most of the clubhouse had cleared out, they stood arm in arm and took several pictures of each other with their cell phones. Can you imagine that Facebook update?
Isn't that romantic?

Then there was this picture of the two running together:

Next, a poster on MotownSports (Lindsay28 or @NotLindsay on Twitter), put the two of them in a field of daisies:

Finally, a picture of Fielder in USA Today sums it up:

  Photo credit: Andrew Weber, US Presswire
The good feelings of Spring Training optimism have reached a new level.


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