Sunday, December 05, 2010

Werth Signs with Nationals

Moments after writing that Jayson Werth wouldn't be signed until Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford signed, I saw that Werth signed a 7 year $126 million  dollar deal with the Washington Nationals.  When I first saw the contract amount on Twitter, I was worried that the Tigers had gone nuts.  So, I'm glad it was the Nationals instead.  Anything over five years would have been more than I wanted to see.  And even five years would have been pushing it for an outfielder who will be 32 next year. Apparently agent Scott Boras has still got it.

Werth's contract will certanly up the ante for Carl Crawford and maybe Magglio Ordonez as well.  I still think they Tigers will get Ordonez, but it could end up being a longer deal than most of us want.  I'm really hoping he doesn't get more than two years from the Tigers.

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