Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Boras Wants Multi-year Deal for Ordonez

The Tigers would still like to bring back outfielder Magglio Ordonez, but they aren't the only ones interested.  He has recently been linked to the Red Sox and Rangers among other teams.  There is still some question as to whether he is fully recovered from a broken ankle suffered last summer.  Scott Boras insists that his client is 100% healthy, but nobody believes anything that Boras says.  So, several teams including the Tigers watched him workout in Florida today.  There is no word on how he looked.

Ordonez has said a couple of times this off-season that he would like to return to the Tigers, but money, of course, is always an issue.  Boras is asking for at least a two year contract at $10 million per year.  Two years is a lot for an outfielder who will be 37-years-old before opening day, especially one coming off a serious ankle injury.  I can see the Tigers going two years, but any more than that seems crazy for any team.

There are still other outfield options available on the market, most notably left fielder Carl Crawford.  Crawford will probably command more in terms of both years and dollars than the Tigers care to invest.  So, they are also exploring trades for outfielders such as Josh Willingham of the Nationals and Ryan Ludwick of the Padres.  We touched upon Willingham yesterday

Ludwick posted an impressive .966 OPS in 2008 with the Cardinals before dropping to .775 in 2009 and .743 in 2010.  It should be noted however that he had an OPS of .825 with the Cardinals last year before being shipped to the Padres.  San Diego's Petco Park is easily the least friendly park in the majors for batters.  Ludwick is also an average to above average defender. 

As I've said before, I see Detroit as Ordonez's ultimate destination, but there are no guarantees.  Things are moving slowly and it doesn't appear as if a move will be made with either Ordonez or an alternative until Crawford signs.       

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