Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beyond Batting Average Makes Baseball America Top Ten

I recently learned that my book Beyond Batting Average has made Baseball America's list of  best baseball books of 2010.  It ranked number 10, so that makes it the Jose Ortega of baseball books.  I am very grateful to book reviewer James Bailey for taking the time to read my book and for including it on the list.  I really didn't expect it to make any top book lists, so this is a pleasant surprise.  It was the only self-published book included in the ranking:
Not all of these titles were big budget releases, for sure. In fact, we found a spot at No. 10 for Lee Panas' self-published guide to sabermetric statistics, the bookshelf's version of a non-drafted free agent who makes it to the big leagues.  
His write up of the book includes the following blurbs:
For fans who want to learn more about new sabermetric statistics, Lee Panas' "Beyond Batting Average" is a great resource that can easily be followed by any student of the game.
What the book does particularly well is explain complicated concepts in simple terms. 
It is available at Amazon, Lulu and Banes & Noble.


  1. wow == great



  2. I got Beyond Batting Average a couple of weeks ago and I find it to be a great tool. You break things down to an understandable level while still giving enough of the meat to help understand the formulas behind the numbers.

  3. Congrats, Lee... well deserved.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments.


  5. Well deserved indeed. Glad BA was willing to take a look at something written outside traditional publishing channels.



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