Friday, December 03, 2010

Prediction Contest: Winter Meetings Edition

I have another copy of Beyond Batting Average to give away, but first I want to remind the last winner (KGB) to give me his address so I can send him the book.  If anyone knows KGB, please let him know that he needs to e-mail me at TIGER337 (at) COMCAST (dot) net.

Now, for the new contest.  The winter meetings will be held from December 6-9.  There are two questions, the second one being a tie breaker:

(1) What move will the Tigers make during the meetings which affects their 40 man roster.  It could be a trade , free agent signing or release. The person who most accurately guesses the player or players involved in the move will win a book.  

(2) Since the Tigers may not make a move or two people might correctly guess the same move, there is a tie breaker question: What will be the first move made by another team?

If there is still a tie based on the two questions, then the first person who guessed correctly on (1) and (2) wins.

Please put your predictions in the comments section below by Sunday night.


  1. The Tigers will trade Andrew Oliver, Danny Werth, Brennan Bosch, and a PTBNL to the Kansas City Royals for Zach Greinke. The tie breaker is that the KC Royals will trade Zach Greinke to the Detroit Tigers ... this will happen fast.

  2. Magglio to Detroit. Werth to Boston.

    I want this book. My project this Winter is learning Sabermetrics. To hell with traditional stats.

  3. tigers trade turner, sizemore, and some other junk to the marlins for Hanley Ramirez.

    yankees get lee.

  4. magglio signs with the tigers. soriano signs with the angels.



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