Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tigers Close to Two-Year Deal with Peralta

The Tigers and Jhonny Peralta are reportedly close to a two-year deal worth $11.25 million.  I gave my thoughts on Perlata a couple of weeks ago.  His decent offense for a shortstop and slightly below average defense make him an adequate filler until someone better is available.  However, I don't really see the urgency to sign him to a two-year deal.  There are not a lot of shortstops available this year, so I can see signing him to a one-year deal.  I wish they had left their options open for 2012 though. 

From a fans perspective, they don't seem to be saving much by declining his option.  Instead of $7.5 for one year (which is what he would have made if his option kicked in), they will be giving him $5.6 million each year for two years. 

Their infield looks like this:

1B. Miguel Cabrera
2B. Will Rhmyes/Scott Sizemore
SS. Jhonny Peralta
3B Brandon Inge

So, they now have below average defenders at first and short, an unproven second baseman and a third baseman with declining range. This concerns me when they are counting on a big year from Rick Porcello, an extreme ground ball pitcher.

If saving money is the reasoning for the Peralta deal, I hope they make good use of the money saved this winter because they have a lot of holes to fill.  Specifically, they need a DH, a corner outfielder and some pitching help.  I don't want to judge the Peralta signing too harshly though before I see what else they do. 

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  1. my hope is that they don't get stubborn about this. if something better comes along by the end of 2011 or for 2012, don't stick with peralta just because he's owed $6M.

    In the past, they've been willing to eat bad contracts, so I do have some faith if this one goes bad they'll do what they have to.

    I just think a second year is bad from the start.


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