Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fans Agree with Gold Glove Selections at Second Base

Today, I'll continue my fielding series with second baseman.  Other parts of the series can be seen here:

Series intro and third basemen

The table below looks at four fielding measures and takes the average for each player.  For a more detailed explanation, you can look at the Series intro and third basemen article.  The only difference here is that there were so few second basemen with over 1,000 innings that I lowered the limit to 900 innings.

According to the aggregate of the measures, Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Chase Utley finished on top with +10 or 10 runs better than what you would expect from the average second baseman.  The American League leader was Orlando Hudson of the Twins at +9 runs. 

The gold glove winners both finished above average - Brandon Phillips of the Philles (+7) and Robinson Cano of the Yankees (+4).  Interestingly, these two finished one and two in the Fan Scouting.  So, at this position, the fans agreed with the managers and coaches who selected the Gold Gloves.  The two of them also did better on fan scouting than they did on the more objective measures.

I posted the third basemen before the Gold Gloves came out, but the fans also agreed with the managers and coaches on their selections of Evan Longoria and Scott Rolen.  The fans also concurred with the choice of Troy Tulowitzki as the National League shortstop.  The only one they haven't agreed with so far is the American League shortstop, but that's no surprise. 

The bottom two second basemen were Skip Schumaker of the Cardinals and Dan Uggla of the Marlins at -9. 

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