Friday, November 26, 2010

And Now the Left Fielders

In part seven of my series on fielding metrics for 2010, I'll look at the left fielders.  Other parts of the series can be seen at the following links:

Series intro and third basemen
Second basemen
First basemen
Center fielders
Right fielders

The table below looks at four fielding measures and takes the average for each player.  For a more detailed explanation, you can look at the Series intro and third basemen article.

The top two averages belonged to Brett Gardner (16 runs better than average) and Carl Crawford (12).  Note that there was a lot of disagreement among measures for Crawford in particular.  He was 19 better than average on UZR and +1 on Total Zone. 

This was not much disagreement on Carlos Lee's inability to convert batted balls into outs.  He did very poorly on all measures with a composite score of -15.

Table 1: Aggregating Fielding Measures for Left fielders in 2010


  1. Lee, where did Raburn rank with his less played innings?

  2. In a very small sample size (508 innings), Raburn's numbers were:

    6, 0,3, -2 for an average of +2.



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