Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Heater Magazine

I was recently hired by John Burnson to contribute to Heater Magazine, a weekly publication that helps readers keep track of statistics and other information that will help to manage their fantasy teams. My job is to provide information on the Tigers line-up, rotation, transactions and any other news that happens in the spring. I only have a small role - a weekly piece - and it shouldn't impact what I do here.

Heater is a quality magazine which includes several writers who you should know well if you spend a lot of time on sabermetric sites - Dave Studeman (Hardball Times), David Gassko (Hardball Times), Jeff Sackman (Minor League Baseball Splits), Craig Brown (Baseball Digest Daily) and Marc Normandin (Baseball Prospectus). It requires a subscription but if you have fantasy teams and are trying to get an edge, you might want to check it out. Their website includes a sample issue so you can decide for yourself whether a subscription is worthwhile for you.

If you decide to buy it, use the link below and get a $5.00 discount and I will also get $5.00:


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  1. Congratulations, Lee - that sounds cool! I look forward to checking the magazine (and your work) out.


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