Sunday, November 02, 2008

Introducing a book for fantasy leaguers

John Burnson, the creator of HEATER magazine, has published his annual Graphical Player 2009. It is a book primarily geared towards fantasy baseball owners. Instead of using tables of numbers to describe players, Burnson uses charts and graphs which allow the readers to visualize trends and tendencies. It has daily game logs, fantasy values, player forecasts and more. In all, 800 major and minor league players are profiled. It also incudes player commentary by writers who closely follow each team. I provided the comments for all the Tigers.


  1. And that's my Ortiz photo on the cover. Tigers bloggers have their filthy paws all over this one. ;)

  2. Sam, I did not know that. That's cool. It's good to know you do book covers. I'll remember that!




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