Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bill James Handbook reliever statistics

All week, I've been reading about bloggers getting their copy of The Bill James Handbook 2009
and I was starting to get a little annoyed that my copy had not arrived yet. Bill got one. Samara got one. Today, I finally got one.

The Handbook is generally the first baseball annual that comes out each off-season and it's a must buy for me every year. There is not much writing. It's 500 pages of mostly tables of numbers but it includes data you can't find elsewhere such as manufactured run statistics, a section of new reliever statistics and all kinds of obscure leader boards.

Here is a sneak preview of the reliever statistics:

Consecutive Days - How many times a pitcher was used on consecutive days. MLB Leader - Pedro Feliciano 34. Tigers leader - Bobby Seay 12

Long Outings - 25 or more pitches. MLB Leader - Josh Rupe 32. Tigers Leader - Aquilino Lopez 20.

Easy Saves - The pitcher enters the game with three outs or fewer remaining and the first batter he faces does not represent the tying or winning run. 58% of saves are easy saves. 15 out of 18 (or 83%) of Todd Jones' saves were easy saves.

Clean Outings - No runs charged to pitcher and no inherited runners scored. 64% of appearances are Clean Outings. I like this statistic. It's simple and pretty useful. The only drawback is that it doesn't consider the base out situation when the pitcher entered the game. Seay led the Tigers with 35 Clean Outings but that was only 58.3% of his games. The best percentage for a Tiger was Clay Rapada who was 19 out of 25 for 76%.

Inherited Base Runner Percentage - percentage of inherited base runners that score. This is not a new statistic but it's interesting that the MLB leader was Rapada with 8% (2 out of 24).

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