Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Triple crown and draft updates

With the Tigers now tied for last place with the Royals in the American League Central, all that's left for fans is to watch is individual accomplishments. Earlier, I discussed the possibility of Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera combining for a triple crown. Ordonez is currently fourth in the batting race and would have to finish very strong to overtake Joe Mauer:

Mauer, Min .329
Pedroia, Bos .324
Bradley, Tex .322
Ordonez, Chi .319

Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera is tied for the league lead in homers with the injured Carlos Quentin:

Cabrera, Det 36
Quentin, Chi 36
Rodriguez, NY 35

Cabrera is also chasing the RBI title:

Mornea, Min 128
Cabrera, Det 125
Hamilton, Tex 124

The Draft

One positive result of a late season swoon is that a team can improve its draft standing. I'm certainly not rooting for the Tigers to lose games but they now are tied with the eighth worst record in baseball which would give the the eighth or ninth pick in the 2009 draft. Here is how the Tigers rank as of right now:

1. Seattle 57-99
2. Washington 58-98
3. San Diego 61-95
4. Pittsburgh 65-91
5. Baltimore 67-89
6. Atlanta 69-88
7. San Francisco 70-86
8. Colorado 71-85
8. Detroit 71-85
10. Kansas City 72-86

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  1. Don't forget Washington's 9B pick for not signing Aaron Crow.



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