Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tigers blogger cracks the Elias code

Eddie at Tigers Thoughts has worked hard this summer to crack the Elias algorithm for determining type A and B free agents. He backed tracked from previous year's Elias rankings in order to reasonably determine their algorithm. He has the rankings for all major league players on his site. The only Tigers free agent who qualifies as either type A or B is Edgar Renteria who is type A. Thus, if the Tigers decline his his 2009 option, offer him arbitration, he rejects it, and another team signs him, the Tigers would receive two draft picks as compensation. Kyle Farnsworth was close to being a type B but his recent poor performances have dropped him below that level. If he had been a type B, the Tigers could have received one pick for him.

Eddie's work is now being recognized, not only in the internet community, but also by Free Press writer Jon Morosi. Congratulations to Eddie for his excellent contribution and thanks to Morosi for recognizing it.

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