Thursday, September 11, 2008

Searching through the rubble

It's been a long disappointing season with few pleasant memories for Tigers fans but there might be some consolation prizes if players end the season on high notes. First, Magglio Ordonez has a chance to be the only Tiger other than Ty Cobb to win back to back batting titles. He's a bit of a long shot with three batters ahead of him but is only seven points behind the leader and coming strong:

Dustin Pedroia .328
Milton Bradley .327
Joe Mauer .323
Magglio Ordonez .321

Miguel Cabrera has a chance to be the Tigers first home run leader since Cecil Fielder hit 44 in 1991. With Cabrera on a roll and Carlos Quentin out for the season, he has a legitimate shot:

Carlos Quentin 36
Miguel Cabrera 33
Alex Rodriguez 33
Jermaine Dye 32

With 80 RBI in his last 82 games, Cabrera also has a shot at the RBI crown:

Josh Hamilton 124
Justin Morneau 119
Miguel Cabrera 116

With Carlos Crawford out for the season, Curtis Granderson has the triples title pretty much sewn up for the second straight year. He has the most triples (36) in back to back seasons for any Tiger since Sam Crawford in 1913-1914 (49) since Sam Crawford in 1913-14. These are the 2008 leaders:

Curtis Granderson 13
Carlos Crawford 10
Alex Rios 9
Brian Roberts 9

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