Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Looking ahead to 2009

The schedules for the next season used to come out on a cold snowy December day and would immediately warm me up with thoughts of summer. Now they seem to come out earlier and earlier. The 2009 schedule is now ready before the 2008 season is even over. Well, at least it's not technically over.

Anyway, they open up at Toronto on April 6 and play four games. Because, they have a roof, they will avoid that annoying off day after opening which is designed for a make-up game. In fact, they play on ten consecutive days before they have an open date. Their home opener will on April 10 versus Texas.

For those of you like myself who are inconvenienced by late starting west coast games, there will be fewer next year than there were this year. They go on a six game trips to Seattle and Los Angeles in April and Oakland and Las Angeles in August. They also have a three game series in Oakland at the end of June flanked by series at Houston and Minnesota.

In inter-league action, The Rockies, Brewers and Cubs will visit Comerica Park this year and the Tigers will travel to Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Houston. They end up the season with a nine game trip to Minnesota, Cleveland and Chicago followed by a three game home series versus the Twins. Hopefully, those end of season games will have more meaning in 2009

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