Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dontrelle Willis and other links

Some links about the Tigers and other baseball matters:

Billfer used the pitch f/x tool to analyze Dontrelle Willis' pitching repetoire and his problems last year. The article was written in response to an article by Lynn Henning who quoted scouts on the same topic. Billfer found that the pitch f/x data pretty much agreed with what the scouts said.

Matt Wallace looks at some pitchers from the Dominican Summer League Tigers who could eventually become better known prospects.

Houstoncardinal of Viva El Birdos previews the AL Central race and picks the Tigers to win it.

Top Prospect Alert lists their top 100 prospects and has Rick Porcello at #19.

This has nothing to do with the Tigers but Skyking162 has a good article about Joe Morgan's career. Morgan gets bashed a lot for his broadcasting but he was one of the best players I ever sawand one of my favorites so it's good to see his career put in a positive light.

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